Vegan Trade Journal 2021

Name: Neil Ellis

Job Title: Owner


Social Medias: @fnkpies Instagram

Please also send 4-5 high resolution images to accompany interview.

  1. Why did you start up FNK Pies?
    I started FNK Pies as I found it difficult to find a really tasty vegan pie, that was full of vegetables with flavours from around the world from my travels as a chef.
  2. What makes your company unique?
    I think the flavours, set us apart, plus all my pies are palm oil free, nut free and soya free, using nothing but fresh local ingredients where ever possible.
  3. What feedback have you had from consumers?
    The feedback has been fantastic, we have been supplying Yumbles customers for over a year with a great response. Our wholesale customers think they are just great and love having them on their menu.
  4. What are your most popular products?
    The most popular pies at the moment are the Katsu Cauliflower which is a new addition, Saag aloo with Mushroom & Dahl and the Kenyan Curry. My favourite is the Mkomazi Sweet Potato with Red Pepper Relish, I was camping in Africa a few years ago and the chef cooked this as bubble and squeak (with the spinach, peas & sweetcorn) for breakfast and put the red pepper relish on the side. I though then that it would be great in a pie.
  5. Is there a high demand for vegan pies at the moment?
    I believe there is a great demand for a vegan pie, as customers want something that they don’t normally cook themselves, we even have non vegans love buying our pies. They are also very popular on pub menu’s
  6. How do you predict the market will grow?
    I think as long as there are great tasting pies out there, custom will always be there, I have noticed that lots of younger people are buying pies. As one of my customers say, “You just can’t beat a good pie for dinner"
  7. What does the future hold for FNK Pies?
    We would like to see our pies in a lot more retail outlets, which is what we have started working on with our new distributors’ CLF and Adams Wholesale. Although we are still looking for more, as we want to spread further afield. We have gained the ISO 22000 accreditation which should help with this.

    As long as we hold tight to our beliefs, as I said to a valued customer, we don’t want to have a finger in every pie we just want to specialise in quality vegan pies.

    As we say FNK Pies – A pie for all reasons…